Weekly Highlight of WPS on the African Continent from 9th to 13th November 2020

Scores Killed in Mai Kadra in Ethiopia

Amnesty International reported the massacre of a large number of civilians who appear to be laborers and were not in any way part of the ongoing military insurgency currently going on. Bodies were reported to be found on Monday in Mai Kadra in the Southwestern part of Ethiopia. The persons responsible for the killings are yet to be confirmed. The bodies included women and men.  

Further Detail: https://www.voanews.com/africa/amnesty-international-scores-killed-tigray

At Least 74 Die in Shipwreck off Libyan Coast

A boat transporting over 120 migrants including women and children has capsized off the coast of Libya.  The International Organization for Migration has reported that 47 bodies comprising of women, men and children was found at the Libyan Cost. IOM has reported that over 900 migrants have drowned this year on the Mediterranean sea. Since the death of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi Libya has been a hub for unsafe migration and an unsafe port for return of migrants.

Further Details: https://www.voanews.com/africa/un-least-74-die-shipwreck-libyan-coast

Thousands Flee to Sudan After Clashes in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

It’s been reported that 7000 Ethiopian refugees have fled into Sudan and are being temporarily sheltered in transit centres located near the Sudanese border of Ludgi and Hamdayet. UNHCR and local authorities are screening and registering people and providing water and meals for women, men and children that have been affected by the conflict. Emergency relief have been set up in the region and UNHCR is working with the Sudan government and partners to respond to the amount of Ethiopian refugees coming into Sudan. 

Further Detail: https://www.voanews.com/africa/south-sudan-focus/thousands-flee-sudan-after-clashes-ethiopias-tigray-region

Disputes Threaten Somali National Elections Time Frame

International Crisis Group has reported that there is a risk the presidential election in Somalia might not meet the planned timeline of February 2021. Disagreements amongst parties as to approach and key officials is threatening efforts to meet the planned time.   The government is currently calling for term extension  as they are currently facing resistance from opposition groups noting that this disagreement can affect the electoral process which can escalate into a conflict.

Further Details: https://www.voanews.com/africa/disputes-threaten-somali-national-elections-time-frame

Militant Islamists ‘behead more than 50’ in Mozambique

A separatist group in Mozambique has carried out an attack with over 50 people reportedly beheaded. These villagers were trying to flee the attack when they were caught and taken to the football pitch and beheaded by the separatist group and several women were abducted by the group. There were reports that the group fired shot, set homes ablaze and raided the village. The villagers are shocked and are calling for a peaceful resolution of the conflict as this attack is the worse, they have seen so far.

Further Details:   https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-africa-54877202

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