Weekly Highlight of WPS on the African Continent from 2nd to 6th November 2020

Boko Haram Kills 11, Abducts Nine Women in Borno

Another Boko Haram attack has been reported in Takulashi Village in Chibok Local government area of Borno state. Nine women have been reported to be abducted and eleven men killed by the terrorist sect. Media sources claim that the insurgent opened fire on the villagers. Villagers reported that there was no military or police presence and the vigilantes were unarmed and left to the mercy of the insurgents.

Further Details:  https://allafrica.com/stories/202011030502.html

Access to electricity necessary to empowering women

Access to electricity is a powerful engine to women’s empowerment as women are twice more self-employed and become wage earning workers outside their homes. This assertion was made by Adaku Ufere, Deputy Chief of Party Africa of Power Africa’s West Africa Energy Program during a virtual discussion on linkages between GBV and energy noting that   35% of women around the world have experienced some form of violence. Furthermore, the discussion presented evidence demonstrating electrified houses report significantly lower acceptance of GBV as this increases the access of women to information and their different worldview on what is considered acceptable. The discussion on the importance of electric to women to preventing GBV was not explored in Nigeria as well as in Kenya where cases of GBV have increased significantly as a result of the pandemic.

Further Details: https://www.esi-africa.com/event-news/gbv-how-access-to-electricity-is-empowering-women/

Cape Town mass shooting possibly linked to Boko Haram gang

A mass shooting occurred in the Gugulethu Cape Flats in South Africa by unknown gunmen leaving three women, four men dead and two other victims injured. The shooting is said to be linked to Boko Haram with reports that the gang has been attempting to extort money from citizens in the area. Residents also confirmed that there has been a recent surge in mass shootings and gang activities in townships across the Western Cape such as in Khayelitcha, Joe Slovo and Phillipi and their victims have been mostly women. The head of the communities have insisted on collaborations between the citizens and the South African police to fight the scourge of crimes in their communities.

Further Details: https://www.capetownetc.com/news/fatal-gugulethu-shooting-possibly-linked-to-boko-haram-gang/

Zambian Peacekeeper Wins 2020 UN Woman Police Officer of the Year Award

The United Nations Department of Peace Operations has announced that the Chief Inspector Doreen Malambo of the Zambian police currently serving in the UN Mission in South Sudan is this years’ United Nations Police Officer of the year. This Award recognised her role in establishing the Stand Up for Rights of Women and Girls initiative that has helped reduce and prevent sexual and gender-based violence crimes in South Sudan. She also created a network of male local police officers to help engage with other men to disseminate information and promote the protection and advancement of the rights of women and girls.

Further Details: https://thestreetjournal.org/2020/11/africa-zambian-peacekeeper-wins-2020-un-woman-police-officer-of-the-year-award/

Only Women Involvement in Conflict Resolutions Will Bring Peace in the Gambia

The President of Women for Peace in Casamanace in the Gambia emphasised the integration of the needs and priorities of women in recovery and relief interventions as this will help women flourish and contribute to lasting peace. She spoke in a two-day training for women in parliament and other women actors on UNSCR1325 organised by the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies. She further emphasised the importance of Resolution 1325 in mobilizing strategic actions in peace building processes by promoting participation of women in conflict prevention and protection and against all forms of gender-based violence. She also

Further Details: https://allafrica.com/stories/202011050924.html

ACCORD highlights the urgency of increasing women’s participation in mediation 20 years after UNSCR 1325

In a virtual event organized by 11 civil society organization across Africa on the 20 anniversary of UNSCR1325 and hosted by Accord, the virtual meeting focused on the increasing urgency for women participation in mediation processes a women suffer more in time of conflict and evaluate the progress and challenges since the adoption of the ground-breaking resolution. Participants in the event included Human Science Research Council; African Institute of South Africa; Women International Peace Centre; Femmes Africa Solidarite; South Africa Women in Dialogue; West Africa Network for Peacebuilding; African Women in Dialogue; African Leadership Centre; Institute for Security Studies; Training for Peace; Accord and the South African Department of Science and Innovation.

Further Details: https://reliefweb.int/report/world/accord-highlights-urgency-increasing-women-s-participation-mediation-20-years-after

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