Virtual Solidarity Mission To Mozambique

Following the conflict situation in Cabo Delgado, the Special Envoy issued a statement in April 2021 echoing the statement of the AU chairperson condemning the conflict in Mozambique. With the turn of events in the region, the Office of the Special Envoy in collaboration with The African Women’s Leaders Network (AWLN)and Civil Society Organizations in Mozambique organized and hosted a virtual solidarity mission in support of the women of Mozambique. This has come at a time when Mozambique is riddled with conflict led by Islamic Militants which has caused the displacement of thousands of people and grave human rights violations, abuses including sexual and gender-based violence. This resultant effect includes an escalation of the humanitarian crisis which has threatened the lives and livelihood of citizens mostly women and children. The solidarity mission which was done in the context of the mandate of the Office of the Special Envoy brought together dignitaries, women groups, and the women affected by the conflict in Mozambique. The women of Mozambique who were affected by the conflict shared their experiences and the dire humanitarian crises they have plunged into because of the conflict. Elder states women such as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Graca Marcel all shared in the grief of the women of Mozambique and called for immediate action from the government. Also, present at the meeting was the Deputy Secretary-General to show solidarity with the women of Mozambique and call for the government to protect the women. A video message from the women displaced by the conflict in Cabo Delgado was shown on the effects of conflict on the women and in the region. A call to action was developed strongly condemning the attack on women and the population at large. The call to action, the government of Mozambique, and stakeholders were called upon to preserve the supreme interest of their country above all other considerations and calls on them to include women and girls and to take their priorities into account in the responses to the crisis and long-term solutions. In support of the women of Mozambique, the mission jointly led by Ms. Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Executive Director UN Women, and H.E Bineta Diop, The Special Envoy of the AUC Chairperson on Women Peace and Security expressed their solidarity with women of Mozambique, offering their support to continuous advocacy in other to ensure the voices of women are heard. The solidarity mission called for enhanced coordination of humanitarian actions from the government for the affected population and prioritizing women and girls in the response of the government to the crises.

In June 2021, a follow-up meeting on the situation in Mozambique was held to update on the situation in Mozambique. Discussion on the dire displacement and humanitarian situation and the need to channel adequate security on cross-border management was stressed. Ways of disseminating the Call to Action developed during the virtual solidarity mission to the President were discussed.