United Nations Resolution 2467(2019)

Resolution 2467 affirms that a survivor-centred approach is required to address conflict-related sexual violence in all United Nations peace-making, peace-keeping and peace-building initiatives, including in the context of security and justice sector reform efforts and in negotiations of peace agreements and ceasefire verification mechanisms.

Resolution 2467 emphasizes the responsibility that we bear to care for survivors of these heinous crimes. By expressing greater clarity than ever before regarding the multi-dimensional response required for survivors, it re-enforces and works in tandem with the previous resolutions of the Security Council, including resolution 2106 (2013) that calls for comprehensive health care, including the essential reproductive health services that are the right of the thousands of victims who are brutally raped by armed forces and groups in conflicts all around the world.

Resolution 2467 also calls for a more holistic understanding of justice and accountability which includes the provision of reparations for survivors as well as livelihood support to enable them to rebuild their lives and support their families, including the children born of sexual violence in conflict who are also stigmatized and suffer in silence and shame, often stateless, and acutely vulnerable to recruitment and radicalization by armed groups. It recognizes the necessity, in all our prevention and response efforts, support to a broad range of civil society actors who are on the frontlines of conflicts.