United Nations Resolution 1889 (2009)

Resolution 1889, were adopted in 2009 to strengthen elements of the previously adopted resolutions. Specifically, SCR 1889 is focused on post-conflict peacebuilding, and in particular calls for the development of indicators to measure the implementation of SCR 1325 both within the UN system, and by Member States.

Resolution 1889 was unanimously adopted on 5 October 2009. It urged the Member States, United Nations bodies, donors, and civil society to ensure that women’s protection and empowerment was taken into account during post-conflict needs assessment and planning, and factored into subsequent funding and programming

It also called on all those involved in the planning for disarmament, demobilization, and integration programs, in particular, to take into account the needs of women and girls associated with armed groups, as well as the needs of their children.